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Sewertronics joins Minicam Group

We’re pleased to announce that Sewertronics are joining the Minicam Group, increasing their collaboration with Dancutter and Minicam.

Our future collaboration will allow us to leverage our scale, shared channels, and service capabilities to ensure that we’re providing the best possible service to our customers in our shared goal to protect the environment by providing innovative products to maintain wastewater infrastructure.

“We’re delighted that Sewertronics are joining the Minicam Group and are excited to begin to identify opportunities to collaborate for the benefit of our customers. Sewertronics, Minicam, and Dancutter will be exhibiting together at the upcoming WWETT Show in Indianapolis, which will be a fantastic opportunity for all of us to showcase our collective strengths.”

Stephen Harris Managing Director of the Minicam Group

About Sewertronics: