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Introducing the Dancutter Grabber

Introducing the Dancutter Grabber

We are pleased to introduce our new add-on to the DC SUPER FLEX: The Dancutter Grabber.

We have seen how you sometimes struggle with obstacles stuck inside the pipes – a tree root, beer can, chain knocker or other tools lodged inside a pipe can slow down the work or worst case require digging up the pipe.

Dancutter Grabber

The Dancutter Grabber

The Dancutter Grabber is a great no-dig tool for removing obstacles inside a pipe.

  • The Grabber is air-driven and easy to mount on the DC SUPER FLEX instead of the air grinder.
  • Precise control: The Grabber can be opened and closed with the grinder switch on the control unit.
  • Powerful gripping teeth on the grabber jaws effectively holds on to the object while you pull it out.
  • Grabbing diameter: 68 mm / 2,7 in.
  • 360°-degree continuous rotation.
  • High-quality stainless-steel alloy
  • Moves effortlessly through 45° and 90° bends in 4” – 6” in / 100 – 150 mm or larger pipes.