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DC MAXI FLEX Centring Tool Set, 400mm


The centring tool set keeps the cutter centred inside the pipe and ensures that it operates with equal precision.

The centring tool set is mounted by pushing it in over the cutter from the rear end. The rings in the centring toolset are marked to show their forward direction. Correct mounting is very important to ensure that the cutter works to its full effect.

Grease is applied through a nipple on the ring closest to the motor, this ensures unimpeded operation with 360-degree continuous rotation, even with the centring tool set mounted on the cutter.  The wheels on the centring tool set make it easy to push the cutter out to remote locations in a pipe system.

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DC MAXI FLEX Centring Tool Set, 400mm


  • Dimensions

    49cm x 30cm

  • Weight