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We have been developing cutter solutions in cooperation with our customers for more than 30 years. The feedback we receive in our daily work constitutes the core of our sustained efforts to develop cutters that are simple and flexible to use and which operate in all types of materials. When a customer comes to us with a special need to manoeuvre, cut, grind or mill in tight spaces that are “impossible to access”, we take up the challenge and find a solution. This explains why our 100% Made in Denmark cutter systems are currently being used in more than 60 countries all over the world, primarily in the oil, gas, ventilation, rainwater and waste-water industries.

Fast, easy and simple

Besides manufacturing powerful cutters, we also take pains to help our customers save time and ease their workflows. This is why our cutters are so quick to set up and easy to operate that the task can be accomplished by one person. At the same time our cutters are flexible and move through both vertical and horizontal pipe bends. We know that time is money for our customers. This is why DANCUTTER’s skilled technicians and distributors do their utmost to provide fast service whenever the need arises.

From problem to solution

What is easiest possible way to open up access to branch pipelines from a newly renovated sewer pipe without having to dig up a whole garden or road surface? This was the question that led to the development of a prototype for the first cutter in the world in 1988: an “arm” was fitted with a cutter head and skateboard wheels, the latter of which the inventor had “borrowed” from his son. In 1989, the inventor applied for a patent for his cutter, and some of the first models are still working to this day. Up through the 1990s, cutters opened up tens of thousands of branch pipes. Based on the knowledge amassed through the practical experiences of using the cutter, DANCUTTER A/S was formed in 2002. DANCUTTER’s skilled employees continue to convert customer feedback and challenges from their everyday work into cutter solutions that strike a balance between technological finesse on the one hand and strength and user-friendliness on the other.


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