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DC SUPER FLEX Centring Tool Set, big


Allows for easy, frictionless movement and keeps your cutter centred in the pipe. The centring tool set keeps the DC SUPER FLEX centred inside the pipe and ensures that it operates with equal precision.

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DC SUPER FLEX Centring Tool Set, big


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  • Dimensions

    21cm x 13cm

  • Weight


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Product Information

Download spec sheet
Cover of DC SUPER FLEX Centring Tool Set, big spec sheet cover

DC SUPER FLEX Centring Tool Set, big

An expert assistant to help you maintain the precision of your DC SUPER FLEX. Mounting this optional accessory on your cutter ensures that it stays centred inside the pipe, resulting in cleaner and faster cuts and equal precision all the way around.

Constructed to meet Dancutter’s high standards of flexibility and user-friendliness the centring toolset offers some unique features: a rotating centring ring with a brass slide bushing that ensures unimpeded operation with 360° continuous rotation. The wheels on the centring toolset make it easy to push the cutter out to remote locations in a pipe system.

The centring toolset with wheels is especially recommended for use when operating the DC SUPER FLEX in 150 mm / 6” pipes.